What is All-on-4®️?

All on 4®️ is a well-established and scientifically proven technique for tooth replacement. The technique uses four strategically placed dental implants to replace all of your upper and/or lower teeth with permanent teeth.

The dental implants provide a secure means of replacing a full arch of new teeth. The procedure restores you to ideal esthetics and chewing function.

Your All-on-4®️ procedure is most often completed in one appointment after your initial consultation and discussion of your goals.

Why Choose All-on-4®️ to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is a problem that can affect your oral health and your appearance. All-on-4®️ implants provide you an alternative to standard dental implants, dentures, or a dental bridge for missing tooth replacement.

All-on-4®️ uses dental implants at four strategic locations in your jawbone. The implants provide a secure foundation for tooth replacement in full arch of your upper or lower jaw.

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All-on-4®️ dental implants are a secure, minimally invasive treatment for replacing your missing teeth. The treatment is cost-effective and faster than a standard dental implant procedure.

Welcome to All-on-4®️ Boca Raton

Tooth loss causes a number of oral health problems. All-on-4®️ implants in Boca Raton are an option that solves your missing teeth issues.

All-on-4®️ dental implants cost includes a faster treatment time than a standard dental implant procedure. In some cases you can experience total tooth replacement in one arch of your mouth within 24 hours.

Your Boca Raton All-on-4®️ treatment replaces your tooth root. The procedure uses four strategically placed dental implants to restore your full tooth function following tooth loss.

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Dr. Platis is a graduate of Washington University School of Dental Medicine, St Louis, Mo. Class of 1990. His score on the National Board Examination placed him in the top 10% in the country. He earned his Bachelors degree at the University of Florida in 1986.

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All-on-4®️ Cost

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